Linguistics and English Language

Writing and skills support

Support and facilities to help you develop your skills and enhance your studies. Featuring the PPLS Skills Centre

The PPLS Skills Centre

The PPLS Skills Centre is designed to help you do research and write it up. We arrange one-on-one writing appointments for you with PhD tutors in your area, who will spend 50 minutes going over your work in detail and offering guidance. We primarily provide support with writing essays and dissertations, but we also offer appointments on programming, data collection, and statistical analysis. The other primary focus of the Skills Centre is in gathering and developing skills-related learning material, such as guides to writing, examples of student work at all levels, interactive workshops, and other resources for various research techniques.

The PPLS Skills Centre

Linguistics and/or English Language essay writing

The PPLS Student Hub provides guidelines for writing essays in sociolinguistics or empirical methods rather than other areas of linguistics, though many of the same general principles apply.

PPLS Student Hub