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Ensuring every student can participate in a tutorial

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What is Tutori-All?

Tutori-All is a PPLS pilot project currently running in LEL pre-honours courses. It aims to ensure equal access to tutorials for everyone. Sometimes students may find it difficult to attend a traditional tutorial group. Tutori-All offers them an alternative. They can attend a digital tutorial which is taught by a tutor specially trained to adjust to their needs.

Who can choose to join a Tutori-All group?

Tutori-All is predominantly aimed at students on the spectrum, with ADHD or social anxiety. There are, however, other learning adjustments that would give a student the option to attend the digital tutorial group. If a student wishes to join the digital tutorial group, they can meet with the Coordinator of Adjustments to discuss their options. Whether or not a student is invited to join the Tutori-All group is decided in cooperation with the student on an individual basis.

Further information

If you would like further information about Tutori-All, please contact:

Claire Graf

If you would like to join a Tutori-All group, please contact:

Chris Cummins (PPLS  Coordinator of Adjustments)

Meet with your tutor online using Collaborate Ultra:

Collaborate Ultra: Participant guide