Linguistics and English Language

LEL1A: tutorials

LEL1A Tutorial information

In addition to attending the three lectures per week, you will also be assigned to a tutorial group (one hour per week). Tutorials are designed to reinforce what you have covered in the lectures, to give you practice in analysing linguistic data and to give you an idea of the kinds of questions you will be given in the assessments. Attendance is compulsory. You will be automatically allocated to a tutorial group that will fit with your timetable. Should you need to change your allocated group, please request this via Timetabling.

Your tutorial will either be at 14:10 (2.10pm), 15:10 (3.10pm) or 16:10 (4.10pm) on Thursdays OR 10:00 (10am), 11:10 (11.10am), 12:10 (12.10pm), 14:10 (2.10pm) or 15:10 (3.10pm) on Fridays. These days and times are identical for both Semester 1 and Semester 2.

You must notify your tutor if you are unable to attend your tutorial. In addition, you should inform your Personal Tutor as soon as you possibly can of any illness or problem that prevents you from attending classes for more than three days. (Alternatively, if you are a student within PPLS, you may contact one of the school's Student Support Officers instead of your Personal Tutor if you prefer.)

Student Support Office

If illness has seriously affected your written work or class attendance, or made you unable to attend one of the Exams, then you must supply the course secretary with written medical evidence as soon as possible. You should also notify your Personal Tutor and discuss with them about submitting a Special Circumstances Form.