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Funding for student and staff initiatives

Welcome to the PPLS Student and Staff Initiative Fund

This fund is open to ALL undergraduate and postgraduate students, and staff, studying or working on degrees owned by the School of Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences (PPLS).

Students, staff or students and staff can apply for funding towards an event or initiative that will benefit the student and/or student staff community, promoting a diverse and inclusive approach, including public engagement with schools, community groups, charities etc.

Guiding principle; the initiative must include students, but can also benefit the student staff community (community engagement) and outreach involving groups outside of the University (public engagement).

Your initiative could be for an in-person or online event, meet up, or digital project. If you have secured funding from elsewhere, you can also apply for match funding.

  • Set up a conference
  • Host a speaker
  • A writing retreat
  • Organise an event
  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Sports or cultural events
  • Knowledge exchange
  • Day walks, treks, visits to museums/galleries/science centres
  • Community engagement initiatives
  • Networking 
  • As a group, attending an external training/knowledge workshop, conference or event

We welcome your ideas!

Download the Event Planning Guide at the University of Edinburgh


Please complete an application form and return it to PPLS Student and Staff Initiative Fund


PPLS Student and Staff Initiative Fund

Recent student events include:

  • Undergraduate Linguistics Association of Britain (ULAB) 2018
    • 10 undergraduate students organised the sell-out conference, which welcomed over 120 attendees from 24 institutions across the world.