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Fees and funding

Tuition fees and funding your research

Tuition fee payment

Please be aware that failure to pay your tuition fees in a timely manner is dealt with very seriously by the Finance department.

If you are having difficulties please make sure that you get in contact with the Finance department in order to work out a solution.

Information on the steps taken to recover fees from students who fail to do so is available online:

Finance Department

Funding MSc research

Programme Directors and Postgraduate Advisors may inform students if they have any funds available to cover dissertation costs incurred in students' research, for example the payment of participants. Reimbursement of any costs that have been approved can take up to 6 weeks to process.


Funding PhD research

School research support grants

School training and development fund

Accessing funding made available by Research Councils

Funding for student and staff initiatives

Welcome to the PPLS Student and Staff Initiative Fund