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Making our spaces safe

Details of how we are ensuring your safety while moving around our School facilities

Access to the Dugald Stewart Building and 7 George Square is restricted while we work to align our operations with Scottish Government and sector-specific guidance. We will be sending out communications to student and staff communities as we’re able to welcome them more fully back to campus in the coming weeks. Below are some the steps we currently have in place to make our buildings safer for everyone.

Detailed information about current restrictions can be found on the Scottish Government website.

Taking cleaning seriously

Taking a measured approach and demonstrating to everyone how this will operate is essential to addressing any concerns students and staff may have.

The level of cleaning has increased across the University estate, determined by the activity within each area or building. The cleaning regimes have been reviewed by building operation teams to identify the level and frequency of cleaning across all areas and where special focus is required.

We have thoroughly cleaned our campus facilities prior to reopening and have a targeted cleaning regime focusing on regular cleaning of high traffic touch points such as door handles, lift buttons, handrails, and communal spaces to reduce the risk of infection. However, good hand hygiene is critical for everyone!


Using hand sanitizer

As soon as is practical, staff and students should wash their hands thoroughly after being in an area with multiple occupants.

There is an enhanced cleaning service of toilets and touch points throughout the building. Touch point cleaning focuses on higher-risk areas and items that are touched often by multiple people, such as light switches, door handles, push plates, handrails, lift buttons, and handles.

Increased service on these areas is designed to aid with breaking the chain of transmission and help to reduce the spread of potential infection.

Face coverings

Woman with face covering

In line with Scottish Government guidance, wear face coverings in all University buildings. This is mandatory in libraries and study spaces, as well as shops and public transport, unless you have a good reason for not wearing one.

The University has implemented guidance from the Scottish Government and Health Protection Scotland to manage and reduce the risk from Covid-19. We will continue to do this, with physical distancing, good standards of hand and respiratory hygiene, and enhanced cleaning regimes being the most important and effective things we can all do to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Please visit the University's Health, Safety and Travel FAQs for the latest information on face coverings.


The capacity of some toilets has been reduced, so please be mindful of the local signage. Following the direction on the signage will prevent congestion, encourage hand hygiene, and help to prevent spread. If the toilet appears to be busy, do not enter until it is safe to do so.


One-way systems are in force in all stairwells. There is clearly marked signage that provides guidance on entering and exiting the stairwell and building that applies to all occupants.

Reception areas

DSB reception area

The reception areas can get very busy. To reduce the risk of spread, staff and students are reminded not to loiter in this particularly busy area. Please adhere to clearly marked social distancing guidelines in this area.


The capacity of available teaching rooms has been reduced considerably, and these numbers are clearly marked on each entrance door. This number matches the number of available seats distanced within the space.


Lifts are only to be used by staff and students who require assistance to travel and for moving heavy equipment between floors. Signage has been placed to advise, direct, and guide.

It is important that staff and students allow clear access and exit from the lifts. Hands should be washed thoroughly as soon as is practical before and after using touch points within lifts.

Social distancing

Social distancing signage

Observe social distancing rules on and off campus at all times. In order to ensure the wellbeing of our colleagues and students is a top priority, social distancing signage has been placed in every space used by multiple occupants indicating which chairs, desks, and other areas can or cannot be used.

Throughout PPLS facilities you will notice we have marked out one-way systems in our buildings, laid 2m markers out on the floors, and installed signs and posters to remind everyone to keep a safe distance. 

Access and Exit points

Staff and students are encouraged to exercise a level of common sense while negotiating potential congestion areas. If the way is not clear and there is a risk of being in someone's social distancing area, do not proceed; allow the flow of traffic to clear before continuing.

Transport update

People on bikes

From September, cycle parking across the University will be increased by more than 30 per cent, with more than 1500 further spaces available. Students can also take advantage of significant discounts on the Just Eat Cycle hire scheme and we aim to provide further cycle provisions by September.

Please review the University's 2020 Transport Update for more information on changes to transportation provisions.

Further guidance

If you need further advice about what the expectations are regarding Covid-19 safety measures, you can check the guidance on the University’s web pages, or contact

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the health and safety of School spaces, please contact PPLS Estates and Facilities.