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PPLS Extensions

How to apply for assessed coursework extensions

Late coursework and extensions

Please note

This information relates to Postgraduate courses in the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences. If you are not submitting for a School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences course, you should contact the relevant school for advice on their extension process.

If assessed coursework is submitted late without an agreed extension to the deadline for an accepted good reason, it will be recorded as late and a penalty will be exacted. For coursework that is a substantial component of the course and where the submission deadline is more than two weeks after the issue of the work to be assessed, that penalty is a reduction of the mark by 5% of the maximum obtainable mark per calendar day (e.g. a mark of 65% on the common marking scale would be reduced to 60% up to 24 hours later). This applies for up to seven calendar days (or to the time when feedback is given, if this is sooner), after which a mark of zero will be given. The original unreduced mark will be recorded by the School and the student informed of it. These penalties follow the University's Assessment Regulations:

Assessment Regulations

Late coursework will only be accepted without penalty if you have provided a good reason and have been granted an extension. Please note, it is not possible to grant extensions after the deadline has passed.


Students are expected to monitor their workload, be aware of all deadlines and be able to organise themselves accordingly. In exceptional circumstances, an extension may be possible. However, an adequate reason must be given, and appropriate evidence must be provided. The following are NOT considered good reasons and your request for an extension is unlikely to be granted:

  • A long-term or chronic health condition (including mental ill-health or similar ill-health) which has not worsened recently or for which the University has already made a reasonable adjustment;
  • A minor short-term illness or injury (e.g. a common cold), which would not reasonably have had a significant adverse impact on the student's ability to complete the assessment on time;
  • Occasional low mood, stress or anxiety;
  • Circumstances which were foreseeable or preventable;
  • Holidays;
  • Pressure of academic work (unless this contributes to ill-health);
  • Poor time-management;
  • Proximity to other assessments;
  • Lack of awareness of dates or times of assessment submission;
  • Failure, loss or theft of data, a computer or other equipment;
  • Commitments to paid or voluntary employment.

If possible, please submit your extension request at least 3 working days before the relevant deadline(s). However we do accept requests submitted at any point up until the deadline. Retrospective extensions will not be granted. An extension request form must completed and submitted to the teaching office together with relevant supporting evidence.

The Teaching Office will confirm whether the extension has been granted and this decision is final. Extensions include weekends and University holidays.

Where a student has good reason for requiring a coursework extension of more than seven calendar days, the student should submit the coursework when able to do so and apply via the Special Circumstances process for the Board of Examiners to disregard the penalty for late submission.


Dissertation extensions

Requests for extensions for dissertations or long essays must be applied for using the online extension application form. 

Students with adjustment schedules

Extension requests from students with adjustment schedules that allow 'short notice extensions' will be granted where possible. Students should apply for an extension using the online form below and should mention their adjustment in their reason for the request. Students will be required to attach evidence – in the majority of cases a personal statement will be sufficient.

Applying for an extension

If you would like to apply for an extension please complete the online application form:

Extension application form

Please note: We will only share information regarding your coursework extension request with staff who have a legitimate need to access the information in order to consider your request or to provide you with support for any issues raised. Details of any extensions you receive for a course may also be taken into account in the event that you submit a Special Circumstances request for that course.

Your extended deadline will be at the same time as your original deadline e.g. if your assignment was originally due on Jan 1st at 12pm (midday) then your new deadline will also be at 12pm (midday).