School of Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences

Why study Cognitive Science at Edinburgh?

An interdisciplinary degree programme, drawing on expertise from across the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences with links to the School of Informatics

Did you know?

Edinburgh is one of the places in the world where cognitive science's constituent disciplines first came together in the 1960s. We have developed that tradition of research and teaching ever since, and with our interdisciplinary approach and first-class facilities we are one of the most exciting places in the world to study the nature of mind.

You will study how the mind works from a number of perspectives, considering how human capacities like language and vision are represented in the brain and how computers can imitate and extend those abilities.

Cognitive science can be studied as an MA or a BSc, depending on how orientated you are to the mathematical and computational aspects of cognitive science. Both programmes offer you an in-depth knowledge of philosophy, psychology and linguistics, along with an introduction to computational tools used in cognitive science.

You will be part of a small but engaged group of like-minded students, while being part of a larger community of students in each of the component subject areas.