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Psychology alumni

Catch up with alumni from Psychology in the School of Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences

Kim Graham

Professor Kim Graham has pursued psychology since picking it up as a second-year outside course. Today she is a leading cognitive neuroscientist and champion of research activities. Here, she reflects on breaking barriers, making a stand and enduring friendships

Olga Szewczyk

A mixture of experience and theory has contributed towards Olga's success in her career since graduating with an MA Psychology in 2014

Magda Lechowicz

A volunteer placement during fourth year helped Magda Lechowicz to gain a clearer idea of what type of career to pursue. As an Innovation Consultant, the psychology graduate draws on her creativity and people skills.

Kirsten Smith

MA Psychology graduate, Kirsten Smith tells us why passion and having a clear idea of your own values are the most important ingredients for a fulfilling career

Cliff Chen

Cliff Chen gives us an enjoyably literary account of his thoughts on life as a student at the University of Edinburgh, and his subsequent career.

Jack Scriven

Having completed a social enterprise leadership programme, psychology graduate Jack Scriven is applying his skills at a start-up that provides environmentally sustainable building materials.

David Hesse

Counting bibs and cones for EUAFC has ultimately led MA Psychology graduate David Hesse to Florida where he is now responsible for over 900 elite athletes.