Division of Infection and Pathway Medicine

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PhD in Pathway Medicine available

Applications are open for a 3-year fully funded PhD in Pathway Medicine within the Division of Infection and Pathway Medicine.

Dr Ramya Gundurao

Dr Ramya Gundurao

EastBio PhD Studenship Apply by 16 Jan 2015

Funding: BBSRC EASTBIO Doctoral Training Partnership

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The School of Physics and Division of Pathway Medicine cooperated in a major collaborative project, the Fluorescence Lifetime-based Assays for Sensors and Healthcare ( FLASH) Project.

Host Pathogen people *INCLUDE*

Host Pathogen Interactions Group Personnel.

ITI Techmedia Biosensing Platform

The Division of Pathway Medicine has led a successful program to perform research into novel biosensing technologies on behalf of ITI Techmedia.

Juergen Haas Biog

I graduated in Medicine (1988) and Biology (1990) at the Technical University and the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich and was awarded M.D (1988) and Ph.D (1994) degrees, in Immunology and Molecular Biology respectively. Between 1991 - 1994 worked as a postdoc with Prof. Brian Seed at Harvard University, and took specialist training in Microbiology and Virology from 1994 to 2000 at the Universities of Heidelberg and Munich. Since1994 I have been running independent research groups in Heidelberg, Munich and Edinburgh.

Pathway informatics members PART

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Peter Ghazal

Peter Ghazal is Professor of Molecular Genetics and Biomedicine at the University of Edinburgh. He is Associate Director of SynthSys [Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology] in Edinburgh.

Research Groups

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Sue Welburn Background

Professor Welburn graduated with a BSc from the University of the West of England in 1984, and gained a PhD at University of Bristol in 1991. She started her academic career at the Tsetse Research Laboratories in Bristol, and worked for several years at the University of Glasgow, before joining the University of Edinburgh in 2000. She currently has projects in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia and Tanzania, focussing on interventions for disease control.