Division of Infection and Pathway Medicine

Dr Kim Picozzi

Senior Lecturer in Global Health and Principal Investigator

Research Interests

Neglected zoonoses are very important, increasingly so within the One Health Agenda. Methods for assessment and control of these endemic disease are crucial if we are to achieve the ambitions of the Millennium Development Goals. Theses disease affects the rural poor, causing morbidity and mortality within the human population and reducing productivity of their animals.

In the case of African trypanosomiasis, improved diagnostics have identified key elements in the epidemiology of these parasite; namely, the role of domestic animals as a reservoir, the implication of acquired immunity in carnivores and the impact of large scale intervention programmes on the natural balance of these parasites within their vertebrate hosts. This knowledge now empowers us to look at new and effective means of controlling the spread of these parasites.

I am a Co-PI on a large BBSRC award working to extend this programme in Nigeria (1M) and a named investigator on an large 7,7M Euro project on Neglected Zoonoses - backstopping new tools for molecular epidemiology (http://iconzafrica.com/).

To date I have been directly involved in the supervision of 24 postgraduate research students and >30 final year online dissertations.

I find my involvement in these online dissertations very rewarding and have used these opportunities to expand my interests into a variety of different topics including the risks posed by tick borne infections, in terms of both the animal and avian reservoir, in Africa and Europe.


I am involved with a number of different modalities of teaching. I am the Director for the online postgraduate programmes in 'Global Health and Infectious Diseases' and' Global Health Studies' and also the undergraduate course organiser for Global Health and Infectious Diseases.

In addition to taught our taught postgraduate programmes, I am also the Programme Director for the MSc by Research that focusses upon Infectious Diseases. This research degree involves a 9 month placement within one of the research groups from 'Edinburgh Infectious Diseases'.

If you would like further information regarding this programme of study, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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