Division of Infection and Pathway Medicine


Our work integrates genomic science and systems biology with medicine and physical sciences, for understanding and innovating host-directed diagnosis and treatment of acquired diseases.

The DIPM encompasses principal investigators and clinical researchers, based around the University of Edinburgh institutes and the Edinburgh NHS hospitals, who have interests in combating infectious diseases.

With our history of fostering and encouraging interdisciplinary research, our aim is to combine molecular (post-genomic) and population-based expertise to identify key components and biological pathways that determine the progression and outcome of acquired communicable diseases, and to apply and translate this knowledge into novel strategies for diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.

Research Group                                                                                  
Auer Group
Ultra high-throughput screening platforms
Bachmann Group
Biochip research and infectious disease diagnostics
Haas Group
Pathogenesis of infectious diseases
Michlewski Group
RNA-related pathways in human biology and disease
Picozzi Group
Investigation of molecular epidemiology of neglected zoonoses
Schneiders Group
The role of intrinsic mechanisms that contribute to the evolution of antibiotic resistance
Scortti Group
Molecular determinants of bacterial virulence
Sloan Group 
Antiviral Intracellular Innate Immunity
Talbot Group
Immunotherapy to targed virus induced malignancies & virus infected cells
Templeton Group
Molecular diagnostics and epidemiology


Welburn Group
Molecular Diagnostics for sleeping sickness and animal trypanosomiasis



Our research publications can be found within each researcher's profile, and a complete list can be found in the Edinburgh Research Explorer page.