Edinburgh Pathology

Soft Tissue, Bone and Joint Pathology

The major research areas of interest are in the proteo/immuno/genetics of bone and soft tissue sarcomas and their translation into the clinic; chondrocyte cell biology in relation to osteoarthritis; the development of novel magnetic stem cell approaches for musculoskeletal tissue engineering and sarcoma therapy.

Current studies include - proteogenomics of high grade pleomorphic soft tissue sarcomas;  defining T-cells recognizing clonal neoantigens in human pleomorphic sarcoma; development of preclinical models of undifferentiated pleomorphic soft tissue sarcoma; production of magnetic nanoparticles by mesenchymal stem cells for magnetic hyperthermia and enhancing radiotherapy; functional roles of NG2/CSPG4 and its potential as a therapeutic target in osteosarcoma.

Principal Investigators

Bone and Joint Pathology     Prof Donald Salter

Soft Tissue Sarcoma                Prof Donald Salter