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The Scottish HPV Archive

The Scottish HPV Archive is a biorepository of over 40,000 samples available to researchers to improve the way we detect and manage HPV associated disease.

The archive is housed within the Queen's Medical Research Institute, University of Edinburgh, and follows the governance policies of NHS Lothian for tissue collections and the bio-repository principles of the Lothian NRS Bioresource (SAHSC). More detailed information on governance can be found in the document “Scottish HPV Archive Ethical Approval” below.

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Samples are processed and tracked using an integrated data management and tracking system. The Scottish HPV archive currently holds over 40,000 samples the majority of which are cervical liquid-based cytology (LBC) samples, derivatives thereof (including nucleic acid) and other anogenital sample types are also available. For most of the samples, aliquots are kept at different temperatures (-80˚C or -25˚C) and different volumes (original sample and concentrated aliquot). The key attribute of the Scottish HPV archive is the annotation of samples with HPV and vaccination status as well as pathology information. Such linkage is possible in Scotland with the help of the Community Health Index (CHI), Scottish Cervical Call and Recall System (SCCRS) and Cancer Registry.

For detailed sample information, refer to the document “The Scottish HPV Archive – Sample Information” below. General information relating to the collections currently stored in the biobank can be found by contacting the Archive Manager at hpvarchive@ed.ac.uk.



The activity and management of the Scottish HPV Archive is overseen by a Local Management Group and an over-arching Archive Steering Group. The application form to access samples can be found below (“Scottish HPV Archive Tissue Request form“).



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