Edinburgh Pathology

Liver and Renal Pathology

Research in recent years has included clinicopathological aspects of allograft rejection

This has included development of consensus diagnostic criteria for antibody-mediated rejection as part of the international Banff working group. Over the last few years, we have been evaluating the changes and spectrum of macrophage phenotypes in human allograft biopsies using multiplex immunostaining and sophisticated cell-based imaging analysis of the data acquired with spectral analysis technology. Separately, as part of the local multidisciplinary interest group and in collaboration with colleagues in Glasgow university we are also evaluating hepatitis E infection in native and allograft livers.

Principal Investigators

Dr Chris Bellamy

Dr Sandrine Prost

Current PhD projects

In situ immunophenotyping and identification of macrophage subpopulations critical for bladder cancer growth & metastasis