Edinburgh Pathology

Breast Pathology

Breast Cancer - both translational and clinical research studies underway in the Edinburgh Pathology.

Within Edinburgh Pathology, translational laboratory projects are exploring  the regulation and therapeutic inhibition of key cell signalling pathways associated with the growth and invasion of breast cancer.

Current emphasis is on key metabolic targets that may differ in malignant disease and are potentially exploitable (e.g. hypoxia, glycolysis and pH regulation). Strategies to treat specific subtypes including  endocrine-resistant disease, HER2-positive disease and triple-negative disease are being evaluated. Novel techniques to monitor changes within tumours on treatment are under development.  Laboratory studies are exploiting a broad range of breast cancer models including 2D cell and 3D spheroid culture systems using established panels of cell lines and primary explants, in vivo models and clinical tissue microarrays.

Dr Jeremy Thomas, a Consultant Pathologist, has an active research interest in breast cancer that includs; Screen-detected ductal carcinoma in citu (DCIS) including diagnosis and staging, quality assurance in breast cancer receptor testing, translational breast cancer research including pathology support for large clinical trials: Supremo, Artemis and Rosco, pathological evaluation of tissues following neoadjuvant chemotherapy and management of the axilla in breast cancer.

Principal Investigators

Dr Simon Langdon

Dr Jeremy Thomas