Edinburgh Pathology

Dr Laura Sinfield

Research Fellow



Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre

University of Edinburgh

Western General Hospital

Crewe Road South

Edinburgh EH4 2XR


Research Interests

My background was originally in field archaeology, then in human skeletons in archaeology.  From there I became the first person from Britain since 1948 to work on mass grave sites (in Bosnia 1996 and in Kosovo 1999 for the UN). In 1997 I became attached to the Forensic Medicine Unit in the University of Edinburgh and this collaboration has continued to the present day. In 2000 I became the first forensic anthropologist in Britain to give expert evidence in a murder trial, and over the next decade I worked closely with the forensic unit on many cases involving non-intact remains, whether recent or older. 

I have a particular interest in anomalies of decomposition in British environments, such as adipocere, mummification, 'pink teeth', decomposition in fresh and salt water, and especially what I call 'suspended decomposition' in which a body remains very little altered over years in specific environments.