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Dr Jenna Gregory

ECAT SCREDS Clinical Lecturer and Honorary StR in Histopathology


+44 (0)7730 565401


Academic Neuropathology

Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

The Chancellor’s Building

Edinburgh BioQuarter

49 Little France Crescent


EH16 4SB

Current Research

I am a SCREDS clinical lecturer, training as a pathologist with a special interest in clinical trials. My research is predominantly focused on the molecular and neuropathological mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative diseases with a particular focus on motor neuron disease.

My recent work has involved the implementation of cutting-edge technologies to probe, potentially pathogenic, transcriptional variations in individuals with MND using post-mortem brain tissue. Using these techniques, we have been able to preserve spatial resolution, identifying (i) cell-type specific and (ii) brain region-specific differences in key RNA transcripts that may account for regional susceptibilities to the disease process seen in individuals with MND. These findings, combined with access to linked clinical records will hopefully allow us to explore clinico-pathological correlations with the aim of identifying novel therapeutic targets and developing novel biomarkers necessary for clinical trials in this field.


Colin Smith (University of Edinburgh)

Siddharthan Chandran (University of Edinburgh)

Sharon Abrahams (University of Edinburgh)

Suvankar Pal (University of Edinburgh)

Samantha Barton (University of Melborne)

Mark Wilson (University of Wollongong)

Hemali Phatnani (Columbia University, New York)

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Selected Publications

Bhuvaneish T. Selvaraj, Matthew R. Livesey, Chen Zhao, Jenna M. Gregory, Owain T. James, Elaine M. Cleary, Emma M. Perkins, Owen Dando, Simon G. Lillico, Youn-Bok Lee, Agnes L Nishimura, Urjana Poreci, Sai Thankamony, Meryll Pray, Navneet A.Vasistha, Dario Magnani, Shymanga Borooah, Karen Burr, David Story, Alexander McCampbell, Christopher E. Shaw, Peter C. Kind,  C. Bruce A.Whitelaw, Ian Wilmut, Giles E. Hardingham, David J. A. Wyllie, Siddharthan Chandran. (2018). C9ORF72 repeat expansion causes vulnerability of motor neurons to Ca2+-permeable AMPA receptor-mediated excitotoxicity. Nature Communications. 24;9(1):347.

Gregory J.M., Brown R.A., Whiten D.R., Barros T.P., Kumita J.R., Meehan S., Yerbury J.J., Dobson C.M., Luheshi L.M. and Wilson M.R. (2017). Clusterin protects neurons against intracellular proteotoxicity. Acta Neuropathologica Communications.

Jenna M. Gregory, Fergal M. Waldron, Timothy Soane, Lily Fulton, Danielle Leighton, Jeremy Chataway, Suvankar Pal, Siddharthan Chandran, Malcolm R. Macleod (2016). Protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis of experimental models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Evidence based preclinical medicine.

Valeria Crippa, Maria Elena Cicardi, Samuel J. Seguin, Massimo Ganassi, Ilaria Bigi, Chiara Diacci, Elena Zelotti, Madina Baratashvili, Jenna M. Gregory, Christopher M. Dobson, Cristina Cereda, Udai B. Pandey, Angelo Poletti, Serena Carra (2015). HspB8 counteracts truncated TDP-43 accumulation protecting against TDP-43-mediated toxicity. Human Molecular Genetics.

Gregory J.M., Barros T.P., Meehan S., Dobson C.M. and Luheshi L.M. (2012). The Aggregation and Neurotoxicity of TDP-43 and its ALS-Associated 25 kDa Fragment are Differentially Affected by Molecular Chaperones in Drosophila. PLoS ONE.