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Duniya Mosly

PhD Student


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Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre

University of Edinburgh

Western General Hospital

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The role of IL6ST in endocrine resistance of breast cancer

Endocrine therapy is an important treatment for hormone-dependent breast cancer, however resistance whether de novo or acquired frequently emerges in the majority of patients. Determining the cause of this resistance is therefore important to overcome this issue and reduce the risk in the future. Interest in the IL6ST gene has recently been renewed due to accumulating evidence indicating its role in the progression of multiple types of cancer. In my project, a functional/driving role of IL6ST in resistance to endocrine therapy in breast cancer will be investigated. Also, I will explore the possibility of crosstalk between the ER and STAT signaling pathways in the conversion from ER responsive to ER non-responsiveness.


Saudi Arabian Government


Dr Andy Sims

Dr Simon Langdon


Mosly D, Turnbull A, Sims A, Ward C, Langdon S. Predictive markers of endocrine response in breast cancer. World Journal of Experimental Medicine, 40555, 2018.