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Dr Asok Biswas

Consultant Dermatopathologist


+44 (0)131 537 1962   


Department of Pathology

Western General Hospital

Crewe Road 

Edinburgh EH4 2XU


Dr Asok Biswas started his Pathology training at the Manipal University, India where he is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Pathology. He continued his Histopathology training in the West Midlands region during which he also held an Honorary Clinical Lecturer post at the Keele University Medical School. He pursued a Dermatopathology fellowship at Department of Dermatology, Boston University School of Medicine, USA before taking up his current position as a Consultant Dermatopathologist at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh in 2010.

He is currently the President of the British Society for Dermatopathology and has served in Secretary and Executive Committee member positions in the past. He is the Chair of the Examiners’ Panel in Dermatopathology at the RCPath. He enjoys teaching dermatopathology and is particularly interested in the use of clinicopathological correlation tools in refining the diagnosis of both inflammatory and neoplastic skin disorders. He has authored a textbook titled “Pearls and pitfalls in inflammatory dermatopathology” which was published by the Cambridge University Press in 2017.

Current research

My main research interests in dermatopathology include inflammatory skin disorders and cutaneous adnexal neoplasms.


  • Dr Meera Mahalingam, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, USA.
  • Dr Kanthilatha Pai, Manipal University, India.
  • Dr Jenna Cash, MRC Centre for Inflammation Research, UoE.


Full publication list

British Society for Dermatopathology: http://www.britsocdermpath.co.uk/

Cambridge University Press: https://www.cambridge.org/core/books/pearls-and-pitfalls-in-inflammatory-dermatopathology/4002CD2CE8A79DB6859CE1660B01AB62#fndtn-information

Selected publications

Kadokura A, Frydenlund N, Leone DA, Yang S, Hoang MP, Deng A, Hernandez-Perez M, Biswas A, Singh R, Yaar R, Mahalingam M. Neurofibromin protein loss in desmoplastic melanoma subtypes: implicating NF1 allelic loss as a distinct genetic driver? Hum Pathol. 2016; 53: 82-90.

Biswas A. Cornoid lamellation revisited: apropos of porokeratosis with emphasis on unusual clinicopathological variants. Am J Dermatopathol, 2015;37:145-155.

Thum CK. Biswas A. Inflammatory complications related to tattooing: a histopathological approach based on pattern analysis. Am J Dermatopathol. 2015; 37:54-66.

Biswas A. Critical inflammatory dermatoses. Diag Histopathol, 2014; 20: 271-279.

Dhaliwal CA, MacKenzie AH, Biswas A. Perineural inflammation in morphea (localized  scleroderma): systematic characterization of a poorly recognized but potentially useful  histopathological feature. J Cutan Pathol. 2014, 41:28-35.

Biswas A, Richards JE, Massaro J, Mahalingam M. Mast cells in cutaneous tumors: innocent bystander or maestro conductor? Int J Dermatol 2014; 56: 806-811