Edinburgh Medical School

Undergraduate medicine

The Medical School is renowned for preparing its students to be world class doctors.

The curriculum aims to equip graduates with the knowledge, understanding, skills and competences required to be a doctor for medical practice as a Foundation Year 1 doctor and subsequent years of lifelong learning.


Clinical skills
The MBChB curriculum provides you with choices and opportunities for enjoyable and rewarding study and provides a firm foundation for a lifetime of practice and learning in medicine.


Students on the step
The application and admissions process from start to finish.

Locations and facilities

Clinical skills
Our locations offer modern facilities and access to a wide variety of learning materials.


Sunset over Edinburgh
The University holds open days for students who wish to get a better idea of what studying here is like.

International and EU Students

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Edinburgh Medical School students are from a wide range of countries.

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You can follow the latest in medical admissions at Edinburgh through Twitter and Facebook.

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