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Edinburgh Fund

You can help students, research, teaching and the community by giving to the Edinburgh Fund.

Your gift today can be life-changing. For the students from disadvantaged backgrounds now able to continue their education to the community projects saving lives across the world, the Edinburgh Fund and its supporters are making a difference each day.

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The Edinburgh Fund provides support in four main areas. Through the links below you can explore how you can help. 


With your support, every student can have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Innovative teaching and learning

A vet student examining a dog's eyes, with a Vet School tutor supervising
Providing staff and students enhanced teaching, learning and assessment opportunities.

Research and community impact

Promoting new initiatives in teaching, research and student experience that help local, national and international communities.

Global experiences

Lydia Stoddart with students in Uganda
You can help give students an international experience, enhancing their learning and career prospects.

Keeping in touch

We love to keep in touch with alumni, and you may have been called recently. Find out more about our student callers and our Telephone Campaign:

Telephone Campaign