Guidance on the use of Course Enhancement Questionnaire data

Setting out clear and straightforward guidance to all staff users of the questionnaires, to ensure that they are approached and used as consistently, fairly and effectively as possible.

In 2016-17, the University rolled out Course Enhancement Questionnaires (CEQs) across all Schools, replacing the diverse course evaluation mechanisms which existed previously with a standardised online format. This was accompanied by the release of a Course Enhancement Questionnaire Policy that sets out the principles behind the use of CEQs, and a consistent set of core and staff questions, with the ability for Schools to set their own additional questions. 

What are Course Enhancement Questionnaires used for?

Course Evaluation Questionnaires (CEQs) provide insights that can be used to better understand and enhance the quality of learning, teaching and assessment. They are to be used alongside other sources of information such as external examiner reports, staff judgement, and institution-level surveys.

How should Course Enhancement Questionnaire data be used?

Guidance for the fair and effective interpretation and use of CEQ data.