We’ve changed our name

On 8 February 2017, the International Office became Edinburgh Global.

The International Office is now Edinburgh Global
  • We have become Edinburgh Global
  • We have launched the University’s new Global Engagement Plan

This transformation signals a change in direction for the University’s global activities and ambitions.

Our Global Engagement Plan

The Plan sets out the strategic goals for 2017 - 2020 for the University of Edinburgh.

The ambition is to deliver impact for society, where it is most needed. As a truly global university, rooted in Scotland’s capital city, we make a significant contribution to the world.

The plan acts as a map for all staff to contribute to delivery of the University’s global goals, aligning with the strategic plan and Vision 2025 ambition, under these three themes:

  • Global Community

  • Global Exchange

  • Global Partnerships

You can read Our Global Engagement Plan on our new website.

Get involved

The plan will be supported through a series of events for staff and students. 

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Why did we decide to change our name?

  • Accuracy

‘The International Office’ reflects our history as purely a service department. Edinburgh Global reinforces our role in leading and supporting the University’s global strategy.

  • Expansion

Edinburgh Global reflects our broadening portfolio now that we are located in multiple regions across the world.

  • Clarity

Recently we’ve operated under both ‘International Office’ and ‘Edinburgh Global’; we want to communicate our activities under one name for clarity.

  • Relevance

The new name will update and refresh our operation in a terminology that makes sense to our global audiences; many universities across the world have made a similar change.