Student data dashboards

Dashboards provide easy access to summary information on learning and teaching, and offer insights into a range of key enhancement themes.

Two dashboards are available via the buttons below, one focusing on undergraduate students, the other on postgraduate taught students. Content includes analysis of admissions data, programme outcomes and NSS results, and course marks, results and evaluations.

The dashboards are available to all staff: those authorised to view individual student data (via EUCLID or BI Suite) will see precise counts of student numbers; for data protection reasons, other staff will see counts rounded up to the nearest multiple of 5.

View the undergraduate dashboard here:

View the Undergraduate dashboard

View the postgraduate taught dashboard here:

View the Postgraduate Taught dashboard

You can provide feedback on the dashboards by clicking on the button below:

Provide dashboard feedback

You can see collated outstanding development proposals in the PDF file below:


About Student Data Dashboards

Main content and themes, analysis and bench-marking.

Accessing Student Data Dashboards

Who can access our dashboards and how to do it

Data Definitions and Supporting Information

This page explains which students are represented in the dashboards, which measures and characteristics are used and where to find further information.