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Online Training and development resources relevant to Research Ethics and Integrity - both Internal and External resources

University of Edinburgh Institute of Academic Development


Research Ethics and Integrity - an introduction

Online course is designed to help postgraduate research students understand the core principles of research ethics and integrity. It's aimed at all research students and explains these basic principles to help you to understand any subject or project-specific advice or policies.

This course covers: Ethical approval, Plagiarism; Authorship; Collaborations and Publication Ethics

Launch page for the Research Ethics and Integrity online course

Mantra - Data Management Training

Self-paced online course covering the essentials of research data management. It is designed for doctoral students and other researchers. The course includes several sections on Research integrity including: Organising and documenting data (section 2); Data Storage and security (section 3), Ethics and copyright (section 4) and Data sharing (section 5)

Launch page for the Data Management online course

External online training material - MOOCs and other formats

MRC e-learning materials

The Medical Research Council's e-elearning material include self-guided courses covering research data and confidentiality and research adn human tissue legislation assessment (separate courses for Scotland and the Rest of UK). To use the materials for the first time you need to set up an account

Future Learn Mooc: Academic Integrity: Values, Skills, Action - The University of Auckland

Responsible Innovation, Safety and Technology on the edX MOOC platform

Free course offered by University of Delft (english language) - you will need to visit the site to see  the next course start date website .

Introduction to Bioethics on edX MOOC platform

Free course offered by Georgetown University - website will state future MOOC course start dates

Ready to Research

A suite of free online resources provided by a group of UK Universities which cover a number of relevant topics (ethics, integrity,  responsible methods, plagiarism etc)

Global Research Ethics and Integrity (Universitas21)

Joint project of members of Universitas 21, an international network of universities in 12 countries, which seeks to engage postgraduate students in considerations of ethical issues in a global context.  The course covers: research conduct, authorship and intellectual property, research limits, consent and confidentiality, commercialising research and research governance and community ethics

European Network of Research Ethics Committees

Training and resources in Research Ethics evaluation  - material drawn from several countries and so is available in English, French, Germran, Portuguese and Polish.  The training is modular. It includes an introduction to research ethics (module 1), a module on the role and responsibilities of Research Ethics Committees (module 2.1), several modules on the national regulation in given countries from the North and the South (module 3) and a detailed module on informed consent (module 4)

USA Office of Research Integrity

Part of the USA Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, the Office for Research Integrity is responsible for developing policies and procedures for the detection and prevention of research misconduct.  The Office of Research Integrity also provides material intended to assist Insitutions to promote good practice in terms of research conduct and the handling of misconduct.  They have some useful infographics and case study videos that may help as a starting point for schools wishing to develop discipline-specific training material.  The training material is not orentiated toward Medical and Health Research and is worth reviewing although one or two of the infographics are specifically for a USA audience.

Association of Research Managers and Adminstrators

The Association of Research Managers and Administrators website include material  resources of the former Association for Research Ethics (A are available from the ARMA website.  The material is of primary relevance to social science research involving human participants.  The majority of  the ARMA resources are available to members of ARMA only. The Research Support Office has a list of staff who are members of ARMA who can access material that is only available to members.