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Research carried out under the auspices of the University of Edinburgh should always comply with the UK Research Integrity Office’s Code of Practice for Research. The UKRIO Code of Practice underpins the Universities UK Concordat for Research Integrity.

General Research Ethics and Integrity Policy

Each College maintains its own webpages for disseminating information about the process of submitting research proposal for ethical approval. Many Schools also have discipline specific information for staff and students about how to ensure their research is consistent with the high standards of Research Ethics and Integrity that the University expects to meet.  School Research Ethics and Integrity websites can be found either by visiting the College website or going directly to the relevant School's website

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences   College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine     College of Science and Engineering

It is important to note that the University of Edinburgh does not accept research funding from the tobacco industry.

Policies for special areas of study

In addition to the general research ethics and integrity procedures, research involving animals, humans participants or human tissue are subject to specific Acts of Parliament. Research Involving animals is must be approved by the University Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body.  The NHS Research Ethics Committee fulfills as similar function for research involving human participants or human tissue.

Information and policy on research involving animals and the ethical approval processes
Information and policy about clinical research involving human participants and human tissue
Involving volunteers who are students or members of the public in research programmes (School of Philsophy, Psychology and Language Sciences, adopted by other Schools as required)

Publications, data and open access

Information about the University's Research Data Management Policy and similar issues with regard to robust and transparent outputs.

Freedom of Information (FOI)
Research using personal data (covers research ethics & data protection and complying with the Data Protection Act)
Research publications policy
Open access
Research data management policy

Relevant Human Resources and those relating to research students

At the start of 2017/18 academic session, Central Management Group agreed the recommendation of Research Policy Group that the University’s Research Misconduct Policy should be revised so that:

  • the policy and procedure fully complies with the UK Research Integrity Office Procedure for the Investigation of Misconduct in Research,
  • it addresses RCUK’s changes to its Policy and Guidance on Governance of Good Research Conduct, and
  • the policy directs readers to the UKRIO Procedure but provides a UoE translation of terms/roles, along with a flowchart of the process.

The revised policy will be available from this website and HR policy webpages as soon as it has been approved.

Policies and Regulations relating to Research students