Governance & Strategic Planning


RA2018 is a resource allocation model under development to succeed the University's current models.

RA2018 Components

The work underpinning RA2018 model will contribute directly to the 2018-21 Planning Round but the model itself will not be fully implemented during this cycle.  The decision not to fully implement a new allocation model reflects the number of other changes being managed across the University at this time and the need for further work to understand the relationship between Support Group delivery costs and changes in the volume of staff, students and estate.

RA2018 will contribute improved attribution of external income into the Transparent Accounting financial presentation - which will be used as the financial template for the planning round and for monitoring income and expenditure on a quarterly basis.  This will include elements such as Research Excellence Grant and SFC tuition income. Work on Service Expectation Statements will continue with the aim of providing a robust underpinning to Support Group business plan cost projections by the end of the planning cycle.



Simple, Transparent and Strategic

The main objective of the RA2018 project is to design a straightforward, logical and equitable methodology for the allocation of financial resources to Colleges and Support Groups on a rolling three-year basis, set within a clear ten-year context. It will provide transparency of where and how income is generated, support the delivery of the University’s longer-term strategic objectives and ensure long-term financial sustainability.


Principles of a Resource Allocation Model

What is Resource Allocation and why does the University of Edinburgh need it?

RA2018 - A Guide

A high-level view of the RA2018 Project Plan, complete with comprehensive guide to provide more detailed information.

The Model (secured)

The RA2018 resource allocation model and supporting source data is located here. If you require access to this restricted wiki, please contact

Service Expectations

Service Expectation Management (SEM) develops understanding between Support Groups and Colleges/Schools about the service requirements to support the strategic and operational goals of the University. This work will be further developed in autumn 2017.

Project Documents (secured)

Documentation from the Project phase of the development of RA2018. Access is only available to staff of the University of Edinburgh using their EASE login credentials.


Find out what's happening next with this list of upcoming workshops, briefings, roadshows and events.

Supporting Docs, FAQs and Contacts

A list of questions and answers in relation to RA2018 along with the cost driver definitions and supporting documents.