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RA2018 Project and Planning Round 2018-21

These web pages provide information on the RA2018 project, its use in the planning round for 2018-21 and ongoing work from this project.

RA2018 Components


We have made significant progress on the RA2018 project, with a tremendous amount of input from colleagues in teams across the university. The work on the project has delivered the first iterations of Service Expectation Statements and has provided improvements to the ways in which we make income attributions within our existing processes.

After consideration following the May RAM programme board meeting,  the outputs to date of the project will contribute directly to the 2018-21 Planning Round but the model itself will not be fully implemented during this cycle.  The decision not to fully implement a new allocation model reflects the number of other changes being managed across the University at this time and the need for further work to understand the relationship between Support Group delivery costs and changes in the volume of staff, students and estate.


What's happening in the 2018-21 Planning Round?


The RAM will contribute improved attribution of external income into the Transparent Accounting financial presentation - which will be used as the financial template for the planning round 2018-21 and for monitoring income and expenditure on a quarterly basis.  These external income elements include the Research Excellence Grant, SFC T-grant and other SFC grants and tuition fee income. Data for this can be found under the link to “The Model” below, together with iterations of the RAM that shadow the current planning round.

Work on Service Expectation Statements will continue with the aim of providing a robust underpinning to Support Group business plan cost projections by the end of the planning cycle.



The Model (secured)

The RA2018 resource allocation model and supporting source data is located here. If you require access to this restricted wiki, please contact

Service Expectations

Service Expectation Management develops understanding between Support Groups and Colleges/Schools about the service requirements to support the strategic and operational goals of the University. This work will be further developed in 2017/18.

RA2018 - The Project

A summary of the work done on the RA2018 project from its initiation in 2014 through to summer 2017.