New Students

University of Edinburgh Events app (January)

Download our mobile event app, view it in a web browser, and see what events are planned for new students arriving in January!


Accessing the University of Edinburgh Events app

Screenshot of UoE Events App, with red ellipse over the 'Welcome 2017' guide.

Download the app directly and select the January Welcome 2018. A passphrase will not be needed. 

Don't have a tablet or a smart phone? You can access all this information on your PC through a web version of the guide:



Mobile Event App

You can use this app to see details of the events for new students organised by the University and by the Edinburgh University Students' Association on your mobile phone or tablet or via the web-browser version!

The app is compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry 10+, and Amazon Kindle.

If you use a desktop computer, Windows Phones or non-Blackberry 10+ devices you can access the events in a web browser.

Download the app from your app store by searching 'UoEevents' or by following the links above.


The UoE Events app is developed by Guidebook. More tips on how to get the most out of the app can be found on the Guidebook Website.

Link to the Guidebook Website.