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Find out about options for accommodation in Edinburgh during your studies

The University of Edinburgh owns a number of properties which students may rent out as accommodation. Students may alternatively decide to move into private accommodation (whether rented or purchased), or even to stay in their current living arrangement if they do not live far from Edinburgh.

The New Students website is here to guide you through all the information that there is out there on this topic, and to reassure you that setting up living arrangments for attending the University is less stressful than it seems. The 'For Students' section of the Accommodation, Catering and Events website is the central University website for providing information to students about accommodation in Edinburgh, and is a good resource to refer to.

'For Students' section of the University Accommodation, Catering and Events website 


The University of Edinburgh Essential Getting Started Guide 2017/2018 deals briefly with looking for private accommodation, and what to do after you've accepted an offer of University accommodation.

The University of Edinburgh Getting Started Guide 2017/2018 [PDF]


University accommodation

Chancellor's Court at Pollock Halls
Learn how to apply to University accommodation, and browse the range the University offers in terms of location, price, catered or self-catered, for individuals or couples and families.

Private accommodation

Court news
You may wish to rent a property from a private landlord or agency, or even invest in a property for your time at the University.

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