School of GeoSciences

4th year curriculum

In addition to writing your dissertation, you will take both compulsory and optional courses and do fieldwork in Cyprus.

In the first half of the year, you will take Evolution of the Modern Earth and evaluate models of the earth's dynamic systems.

Later in the year you will select options for specialised study from topics such as oilfield geology, the evolution of Antarctica, evolutionary palaeontology or rock deformation processes.

Your workload and final assessment will be equally balanced between Geology and Physical Geography. You will be assessed through seminar presentations to fellow students as well as an integrated practical course providing vital experience of earth problems and materials.

Your Honours project from the previous summer will form the basis for your dissertation.

You will also have the opportunity for fieldwork in Cyprus.

Core courses

Optional courses

In addition to compulsory courses, you will take a further 40 credits of SCQF level 10/11 courses from Earth Science and Geography.