Gaelic at the University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh Gaelic Grant Scheme

These grants are available to support students at the University of Edinburgh who wish to contribute to the aims of the University’s Gaelic Language Plan 2013-18: to raise the profile of the language within the University and create practical opportunities for its use.

Application Deadline

This scheme is currently accepting applications and will do so until funds have been allocated.


University Highland Society Students at a flash ceilidh outside 50 George Square

Individual students or student societies at the University of Edinburgh

Level of Applications



Applications are accepted in English, Gaelic or both.

Assessment criteria

Projects will be assessed according to the following criteria. Projects will be selected which:

  • raise the profile of Gaelic at the University.
  • create opportunities for Gaelic to be used at the University.
  • create or strengthen links with community groups.
  • are new, innovative, or which add an additional facet to an existing event or project which fulfils the above criteria.

Projects will be chosen which represent the most effective use of available funds. Applications should clearly demonstrate how the project will fulfil the criteria above as well as demonstrating that the applicants are capable of delivering the proposed project. Applications should be well-presented.

Projects will be assessed by a panel with representatives from the University Secretary's Group and Celtic & Scottish Studies.

Ms Bria Mason

Gaelic Officer

  • The University of Edinburgh

Contact details



5 Forrest Hill

Post Code


  • Available Tuesday-Thursday


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