Student Recruitment & Admissions

Use of personal data and email communication

Student Recruitment & Admissions organise a range of events, and provide targeted communications for prospective students and advisers.

We will use your personal data to communicate with you about the Open Day and will hold it until the end of the following academic year. We will also send you limited communications about anything we would deem of interest and importance to those interested in studying at the University of Edinburgh. As detailed below you may opt out at any point. Your data is only shared with school(s) you have chosen interest in.

In order to do this, we use the services provided by third party companies to operate online bookings and to provide bulk email communications.


In order to facilitate online bookings for our events, e.g. Open Days, we use Eventbrite - a third party service which is not operated by the University of Edinburgh. Details of Eventbrite’s privacy policy can be found at:

Eventbrite Booking Privacy Policy

If you wish to attend an event organised by Student Recruitment and Admissions, but do not wish to use Eventbrite, please email us at:


Student Recruitment & Admissions use Dotmailer to supply its bulk email service for prospective students, applicants and advisers.

Dotmailer’s terms of use can be viewed at:

Dotmailer’s privacy policy can be viewed at:

If you would prefer that your data is not stored by Dotmailer, you can opt out from further communications at any point. You can also email Student Recruitment & Admissions directly at:

University of Edinburgh’s Data Protection policy

For further information about the University of Edinburgh’s Data Protection policy, please see:

University of Edinburgh’s Data Protection policy