Curriculum, assessment and appeals

The structure and content of the degree programmes and sources of support, the assessment regulations and principles of assessment and the academic appeal process.

Curriculum, assessment and appeals information on the Academic Services website

Many degree programmes have some level of flexibility in choosing courses (modules) and some offer you a very broad choice of course options. Your programme handbook (available from your School) will provide an overview of the structure and content of your programme.


Path is a visual course selection and programme builder tool, created by students to enhance the resources available on course choice, this is now accessible across the University. Path allows students to consider their degree pathway, review outside course choices, understand co-requisites and pre-requisites and generate a timetable.

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Degree Regulations and Programmes of Studies

Help with choosing courses

Your Personal Tutor will be able to assist you in choosing courses and the Academic Fair will also assist undergraduate students in choosing courses ‘outside courses’ in years one and two.

Special Circumstances

The Special Circumstances procedure may be appropriate where a circumstance beyond a student’s control has negatively affected their ability to perform or complete a University assessment (for example coursework, examination). To find out more about Special Circumstances consideration process click on the link below:

Advice on the Special Circumstances consideration process