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Community engagement on agenda

The discussion theme for the University's next Senate meeting is 'Community Engagement as an Integral Part of the Curriculum'.

The meeting will be held on 4 February.

Staff are invited to attend the presentation and discussion section of the meeting, but must first book a place through MyEd.

Senate meeting

Wednesday 4 February 2015, 2.00pm

Wednesday 4 February 2015, 4.00pm

Conference Room, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, High School Yards, EH1 1LZ

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Book a place through MyEd

Discussion and debate

The meeting will explore the contribution of community engagement to the student experience, and to the strategic aims and legacies of the University.

It will also debate the role of contributions to the community as assessed elements in the wider curriculum.

A mapping exercise of existing activity will be followed by a review of three examples of community engagement for academic credit (one from each college), with input from staff and students.

This will be followed by a panel discussion.

Guest speakers

  • Professor Lesley McAra (Law School)
  • Johanna Holtan (Institute for Academic Development)
  • Dr Andrew Cross (School of GeoSciences)
  • Dr Simon Riley (MRC Centre for Reproductive Health)
  • Rebecca Mackenzie (Edinburgh Centre for Professional Legal Studies)
  • Dr Jon Turner (Institute for Academic Development)

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