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Relocation support enhanced

The University has revised its relocation policies and services for new staff members moving to Edinburgh.

The enhancements add to the University’s existing relocation provisions, which are designed to support new employees through access to services and, in some cases, University-funded financial assistance.

Policy updates

The new Relocation Policy outlines financial services available to UoE Grade 8-10 and professorial appointees. It replaces the Relocation Assistance Policy.

The new Partner Career Transition Policy introduces access to career advice and coaching for partners of newly appointed Edinburgh colleagues to help them secure local employment.

Appointees eligible for a relocation package can now deal directly with the University’s relocation supplier, Robinsons Relocation, and University-funded support is provided by career transition consultancy

Advice and guidance

Employees who are ineligible for relocation financial assistance can access a range of advice and guidance provided by the University’s Relocation Support Service, which is based within University HR Services.

For more information, contact the Relocation Support Service.

Relocation Support Service

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