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Dive in to ILW2015

More than 200 events are on offer next week during Innovative Learning Week 2015.

Dive in to ILW 2015

The University's fourth annual festival of creative learning runs from 16 to 20 February and replaces the regular timetable.

It offers students the opportunity to develop new skills, sample different ways of learning, network and prepare for employment, and explore new disciplines.

Many events are also open to staff, alumni and the general public.

Range of events

A staff-focused online session on Tuesday 17 February introduces peer reviewing online and the benefits of student feedback to each other's work.

A daily Wikipedia editathon will improve the quality of the online encyclopedia's articles about women in Scottish history.

The week-long Play and Learning Outdoors at Preston Street Primary School workshop will create lasting benefit for the community.

Expert craftspeople and eager volunteers will team up to transform a tarmac playground into a nature-inspired, interactive area.

Other events will introduce archaeological diving, compose ceilidh dances to explain science concepts and examine the art and science of the perfect pint.

Reception and exhibition

On Friday 20 February the week culminates with the ILW2015 Fair, held in the Main Library.

This event invites all staff and students to come together for a drinks reception and exhibition to share their experiences of the week.

ILW2015 Fair

Friday 20 February 2015, 4.30pm

Friday 20 February 2015, 4.30pm

Main Library, George Square

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Stay updated

Staff can stay updated and join in on social media, using the hashtag #ILW2015.

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