Coronavirus (Covid-19) updates for staff and students

Guidelines for our community during times of pandemic

Guidelines are now available on how our University community can act responsibly to help slow the spread of Covid-19.

Our Good Citizen Guide provides details on the Covid-19 guidelines in Scotland and what is expected of our students, how to report breaches to the University, and how failure to comply with these guidelines will be dealt with, including possible disciplinary action.

Students have been receiving comprehensive guidance on what they can expect when they arrive on campus or engage with their studies online.

Our Guide encourages our students to be extra vigilant and to work as part of our community to suppress the virus. The current version of this Guide is available in the link below.

Good Citizen Guide

Failure to comply with Covid-19 guidelines

Everyone will be asked to adapt their behaviour to ensure the health and wellbeing of the whole University community. We expect the great majority will behave in line with the guidelines, however there may be occasions where individuals do not. 

The Good Citizen Guide makes clear that if a student intentionally or repeatedly fails to comply with Covid-19 safety measures, they may be in breach of the Code of Student Conduct and could face an investigation and possible disciplinary action.


(Updated 20 September 2021)

It is important to recognise that people who are not adhering to the measures will generally just need reminding of what the expectations are and we are encouraging everyone to do this in the first instance.


If you feel someone has acted in a way that places others at risk, or they appear to be intentionally disobeying the rules, you should first raise any concerns with your line manager. You can also report this using the Complaints Handling Procedure


If you have concerns about students not complying with the health and safety measures in place on campus, guidance on how to escalate this can be found below:

Non-compliance and escalation

If you need help out of hours please contact Security, or if you have any urgent or immediate concern for your safety or that of others, you should contact the emergency services by calling 999.