Coronavirus (Covid-19) updates for staff and students

Travel and testing

Guidance on what you need to do if you are travelling to or from Edinburgh.

We will update this page as and when we have new guidance from the Scottish Government

Returning to Edinburgh

If you are travelling internationally into the UK, there is a requirement for all passengers travelling to Scotland to have a valid negative Covid-19 PCR test result, taken no more than three days before the scheduled time of departure.

If you need to book and pay for a Covid-19 travel test before you travel to the UK, you can use the CTM booking portal to book and pay £68 for an NHS Covid-19 PCR test, or you can buy a test from a list of private providers in England.

Scottish Government - Covid-19 testing for travellers

Please note that the University's asymptomatic Covid-19 testing programme is not sufficient evidence to bypass self-isolation requirements if you are returning to Edinburgh from overseas.

Please read the Government’s international travel and quarantine guidance for the latest information on what you will need to do when entering the UK from another country:

Testing for students travelling within the UK and Common Travel Area

Students within the UK and Common Travel Area are advised to get a PCR test prior to travelling to form a new household in their term-time accommodation. Where it is not possible to book a PCR test, you should use a lateral flow test instead.

Travelling from Edinburgh

If you are travelling from the UK to another country, please be aware that countries may specify a certain type of test, so you will need to confirm that your chosen provider can comply with this prior to paying for any testing.

You can view guidance on entry requirements for other countries on the UK Goverment website:

Travel abroad guidance

Please be aware that the asymptomatic testing programme provided by the University at the Pleasance is not suitable evidence for travelling and entering other countries.

Pre-travel PCR tests are not available via the University or the NHS and must be purchased privately from companies who offer that service. In Edinburgh, these include the following, although there may be others and none are endorsed by the University of Edinburgh: