Coronavirus (Covid-19) updates for staff and students

Asymptomatic testing

Information on voluntary asymptomatic testing and how you can get your tests.

We are offering asymptomatic Covid-19 testing until 30 June to students who are travelling to Edinburgh from elsewhere in the UK.

We are also offering regular repeat testing to staff and students who are visiting, studying or working on our campuses. You will be able to receive these tests twice a week.

The tests are voluntary and you do not need to have been tested in order to attend in-person teaching. But we strongly encourage you to book a test as this will reduce the risk of you passing Covid-19 onto others.

For students travelling to Edinburgh from elsewhere in the UK, you should book your tests prior to and on return from another household outside of the City of Edinburgh.

Book a test

Separately to our asymptomatic testing programme, the University and the UK Medical Research Council are supporting an exciting research project to develop a new approach to Covid-19 testing, called TestEd. Participation is voluntary and testing is currently available at nine centres across the University. Please find out more at: