Coronavirus (Covid-19) updates for staff and students

Daily tips

Finding small thing you can incorporate into your daily routine can make a big difference.

Breathe and stretch

Start your day with a good old stretch of your muscles and a few deep, controlled breaths. This allows your body to come too and is a gentle and effective way to wake up.

Dance whilst you brush

Put on a feel good tune and have a dance in the morning whilst you're brushing your teeth. This adds no time to your day, but has the ability to create a really positive foundation for your day.

Take a new route

Do you go the same way on your daily exercise? Why not explore your local area seeing if you can find something you didn't know was there before. Be mindful throughout the journey, really soaking it in.


Have a glass of water first thing. Make this a priority, as your body needs it to feel refreshed after your sleep, which can make you dehydrated.

Clear your space 

Take a few moments each day to keep on top of any household tasks. Staying on top of cleaning and tidying ensures you have a comfortable environment to spend time in and can improve the way you feel. It also helps us to build trust with ourself and evidence that we are doing well looking after ourselves. Breaking tasks into small chunks can help housework feel more manageable.

Do something you enjoy

It is important to do something that brings you a smilelaugh or any positive body response. This can remind us that there is something to be greatful for even when times are hard.

Get fresh air 

Spending time outside such as by going for a walk, even if for a short period can be beneficial for our health. If you are self-isolating, having your window open and spending time breathing in the fresh air could improve the way you feel.