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Be creative

Being creative is about exploring and expressing yourself.

Feeling map

Give what you are feeling a space in proportion to how you feel it and write down your thoughts behind the feeling.

Make a mantra

When times are tough I fill myself with negative thoughts. mantra is a personal power statement that can help you get through the tough bits by putting a positive spin on your negative attitude.

An example for you: recently I have not been feeling worthy of the things I have in my life, this seemed to be a recurring theme and I was constantly putting myself down. Can you guess my mantra? It is "I AM WORTHY". I repeat this to myself when I am having negative thoughts and feelings.

Reflect on recurring themes for you and create your own mantra!


Make a collage, paint or draw to better understand and face your emotions. Being creative is about exploring and expressing yourself. Let yourself experiment with colours, shapes and textures