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Becoming self-aware.

Self-awareness is about learning and understanding why you feel and react the way you do. Understanding more about yourself enables you to make positive choices and create a life that you want. It is about being conscious of what you're good at and seeing where you need to make improvements, without judgement, so you are able to set and achieve your goals.

Embrace your vulnerability

Vulnerability can have a bad name and be seen as a weakness, but actually vulnerability can be a strength! Everyone is vulnerableBreaking down your walls and allowing yourself to be vulnerable is necessary for growth and to allow you to be yourself. Being vulnerable is courageous and comes from awareness of self. It is about embracing you imperfections and focusing on you as a whole instead of picking at your perceived flaws.

Practice good self-esteem

It is easy to put ourselves down but this has a negative impact on our self-esteem and in turn our emotional wellbeing. Being kind and showing yourself compassion when you notice you thinking negatively about yourself can help boost your self-esteem and help to protect you.