Coronavirus (Covid-19) updates for staff and students

Student accommodation self-care toolkit

Produced by the ResLife team the toolkit is designed to put self-care on the table and give you some tips on how to invest time in yourself. 

Taking care of yourself is incredibly important during such uncertain times. This is universally worrying and exhausting and making time for you can improve your wellbeing, This toolkit is a fun (hopefully) and interactive guide to selfawareness and self-care.

It's important to know that this is not a one size fits all toolkit, and you can definitely create your own toolkit of things that work for you, this is just a starting point to help you explore. The things in your self-care toolkit may change depending on many factors such as your mood, the time of year and any adversities you may encounter.

It may be a good idea to have an "everyday" self-care toolkit and a self-care toolkit with some extras in it that you can use in challenging times.

Grab a pen and paper or find a place to record some notes as you look through these pages.

You can also download a pdf of the toolkit.



Is taking the time to understand your thoughts and feelings and how they manifest within you. It is noticing the cycles that you find yourself in and then using this knowledge to take action and make positive changes in your life. It is about acknowledging and accepting your feelings instead of hiding behind a fake smile and "I'm fine".


Is the action that you take to look after your health and wellbeing. It incorporates the basics such as eating and drinking as well as the things you do to stay fit and healthy, such as exercise and hobbies.


Being self-aware and taking care of yourself put you in control of your life and body. They put the things that matter to you first and can contribute to our happiness and wellbeing.

A starting point

What do i do already?

Jot down some of your coping mechanisms, if these would be considered 'unhealthy' then think of healthy ones you would like to adopt and how you could make the switch.

What is self-care to me?

Complete the sentence. "I do my best to take care of myself. For me that means..."

The basics

Taking care of you.


Becoming self-aware.

Positive thinking

You have the power to distract yourself from and stop, or redirect, harmful thoughts and to be able to focus on positive thoughts.


Being open and honest with others is a great way to lift some pressure and to reduce stigma around health and other concerns.

Be creative

Being creative is about exploring and expressing yourself.

Daily tips

Finding small thing you can incorporate into your daily routine can make a big difference.