Coronavirus (Covid-19) updates for staff and students

Intention to travel

While travel restrictions in the UK have eased, we understand that students will want confirmation that their reason to return to campus is allowed. Please use this form to tell us you are back in Edinburgh and you will receive confirmation you had a valid reason for return.

Intention to Travel form

If you need to return to Edinburgh for a specific reason, you can complete the Intention to Travel form to receive confirmation that your reason for travel is legitimate.

This form allows you to explain why you will be travelling back to Edinburgh. It asks you to confirm that, if you travel and return, you will comply with all the relevant Scottish Government and University rules and guidance in place during the current pandemic. 

On completion of the form you will receive an email confirmation. You will be able to show this email if ever challenged (e.g. by the Police) about the reason for your journey.

When you complete this form your data will be stored within Data Protection Guidelines and if you choose to leave your phone number, it will only be passed to our support services who will be in contact to help you.

Complete the Intention to Travel form