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The Big Idea podcast gives the University an innovative way to share its big ideas with the world.

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Building on Edinburgh’s tradition of providing a home for inquisitive minds such as Charles Darwin, David Hume and Peter Higgs, the Big Idea Podcast is a forum for contemporary thinkers to exchange their work and expertise with each other and listeners.

Each month a group of academics from different parts of the University gather to discuss a special theme, ranging from Scotland’s future to the power of perception.

Since its launch the podcast has gained listeners from around the world, from the USA and Australia to China and Saudi Arabia.

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Podcast episodes

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  • James Tait Black Prizes 2016
  • Deep Time
  • Technology Justice
  • After Paris and Islamic State
  • The Refugee Crisis
  • James Tait Black Prizes 2015
  • World Changers: John Knox and Pablo Picasso
  • Going undercover with Spy Week
  • The General Election 2015
  • Edinburgh International Science Festival Special: The Ideas Factory
  • The Evolution of Cities
  • Scottish Independence Referendum Special
  • Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games
  • The Great War
  • Science At The Heart of Everything
  • The Rise and Rise of Russian Nationalism
  • Are the Kids Alright
  • Moving
  • The White Paper
  • Women
  • The Twilight Zone
  • Loving The Machine
  • Icons
  • Mirror Mirror
  • Telling Tales
  • The Scottish Independence Debate