Pioneering research centre opens

Researchers at the forefront of an emerging scientific discipline have taken up residence in a custom-designed building at the University.

Experts at the Centre for Systems Biology Edinburgh will combine maths and computer modelling to tackle some of the biggest challenges in biology.

Their research has applications in the pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as in agriculture and the biotechnology sector.

C.H. Waddington Building The Kings Buildings Campus

Network of centres

The £7.2 million CH Waddington building is one of six sites dedicated to this emerging field.

Some 62 researchers will work at the centre, which is funded by the Biological and Biotechnology Research Council and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Nobel laureate address

The building, featuring lab and office space, is named after Conrad Hal Waddington, a former professor of animal genetics at the University, who is widely regarded as the forefather of systems biology.

To mark the building’s inauguration, a lecture was given by Nobel Laureate Sydney Brenner, a pioneer of genetics and molecular biology.

We are delighted to open this building, which brings together world-class researchers in a purpose-built space, improving our research facilities and promoting collaboration. This re-affirms the University’s place at the forefront of systems biology research.

Dr Elizabeth ElliotCSBE Centre Manager