University welcomes Olympics

Staff and students have helped carry the Olympic flame, which arrived in Edinburgh this week.

Lesley Forrest, a Senior Administrative Assistant in Finance, had the honour of lighting the beacon at Edinburgh Castle, at the end of day 26 of the flame’s journey around the British Isles.

Her daughter Amy nominated her because of her fund-raising for organ donation charities since Lesley received a new kidney in 1996.

It was an unforgettable feeling, running up the Royal Mile with so many people cheering me on. Hopefully this will help raise awareness of other people who still desperately need an organ transplant.

Lesley ForrestOlympic torchbearer

Lisa McKenzie, current captain of the University’s Women's Fencing Team, Commonwealth Championship Silver medalist, and former female athlete of the year carried the torch through Edinburgh - her home city - the following day.


This film shows Lesley carrying the Olympic torch, as well as the GB men’s volleyball team in action against Belgium.

Olympic volleyball

The torch’s arrival in Edinburgh coincided with the University holding a training camp for the Great Britain men’s volleyball team, who are playing Belgium in three warm-up matches, prior to the Games in London.

The University was chosen because of its high quality sports facilities and will also be used by the Team GB swimming squad in July.