Students help teach local children

International students are learning new skills and finding out more about life in Scotland by taking part in a volunteer programme which offers the chance to teach at schools across Edinburgh.

The scheme, organised by Edinburgh University Students' Association (EUSA) and the City of Edinburgh Council, under the auspices of the Edinburgh City of Learning partnership, allows foreign students to teach children about life overseas as part of the build-up to the Olympic Games.

In exchange, the students develop valuable teamwork and teaching skills and learn first-hand from local children about life here in Scotland.

The initiative has an Olympic Games theme, with schools “adopting” the student’s country of origin and supporting athletes from that country during the Games.

Japanese students gain insight

In this film, Japanese linguistics students Kiyono Fujinaga and Yuko Matsuoka explain how they’ve benefitted from volunteering at Juniper Green Primary School.

Volunteering opportunities

Find out more about volunteering opportunities with EUSA here: