Summer graduations

Our summer graduations started on 13 June, when Neil Armstrong was awarded an honorary degree in Washington.

The ceremonies continue here in Edinburgh from Monday 23 June to Tuesday 1 July.

Graduation ceremony in McEwan Hall

Graduation ceremonies

Full details of all our Summer graduation ceremonies are available from the Registry.

Summer graduation ceremonies

Neil Armstrong

A video of the ceremony in Washington where Neil Armstrong received his honorary degree is now available online.

Other honorary graduates

Among the many notable and distinguished names to be honoured are Captain Eric Brown, Dr Anneila Sargeant and Randy Thom.

Captain Eric Brown

Former Chief Naval Test Pilot Captain Eric Brown holds the record for flying the greatest number of different aircraft.

He is the Fleet Air Arm’s most decorated pilot and was also the first pilot to land a jet aircraft on an aircraft carrier.

He will receive the Doctor honoris causa on Tuesday, 24 June.

Dr Anneila Sargent

Fife-born Dr Anneila Sargent is one of the world’s leading astronomers.

An Edinburgh graduate, Dr Sargent is Director of Owens Valley Radio Observatory in California and a former President of the American Astronomical Society.

She will receive a Doctor of Science on Monday, 23 June.

Randy Thom

Double Oscar winner Randy Thom is a sound designer at the Lucasfilm Skywalker Sound facility in California.

His illustrious career has included work on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Forrest Gump, Shrek 2 and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

He will receive a Doctor of Music on Wednesday, 25 June.